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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

3 Steps to Achieving your Goals in MLM, if they’re Achievable!

3 steps to achieve goals is all we need to achieve any goal, anywhere, anytime without fail. We need to break the cycle of setting goals and not achieving them. We will break the cycle with the 3 steps to achieve goals.

Step #1: Choosing Goals

We need to learn how to set a goal and achieve it. Picking goals that are right for us makes a difference. We want a goal that is simple to understand and easy to achieve and within our control. Let’s start small to achieve goals. So, we want to set a goal that is easy… really easy. Achieving an easy goal builds confidence in us to achieve larger goals. Goals which are set within out control must be goals that we can control. We cannot control other people and what happens in their lives. We can control the goal of TALKING to people. Sponsoring 10 people a week is NOT within our control. Talking to 10 people a week IS within our control. Or we set a goal to lose 30 lbs. knowing we can’t do it. If we set a goal to take one of our weight loss products from our business to help lose those 30 lbs., then we can control the goal. Let’s set some goals that are simple to understand, easy to achieve and within our control. — Start a conversation about our business with one stranger a day. — Wake up 15 minutes early every morning to learn skills for doing our business. — Don’t watch depressing news channels for two days. — Meet two new people on social media a day. — Create one new friend in your hometown a week. — Eat one healthy meal a day. — Use one product of your business a day. — Before going to work, read one new blog post a day, or listen to one audio CD a day, or read two pages a day from books that help you succeed with your business. — Eat one donut a day at work. — Lose 30 lbs. in 30 days with the weight loss products from your business. 3 steps to achieve goals don’t work unless you achieve step one and move to step two.

Step #2: Pick a Penalty

Want to put motivation on steroids? Get emotional. Achieving goals is good. Not achieving goals is bad. Tips to achieve goals using 17 different steps are confusing. We don’t have to get so complicated. All we need to achieve our goals is to get emotional by picking a penalty. No, we don’t want a small penalty like putting a quarter in the swear jar every time we curse in front of the kids. We need a penalty with grit and teeth that bites hard into the skin and makes us wrench with pain when we don’t achieve step. What would the penalty be? Blackmail. Yes, that’s right. Blackmail. The fear of loss is always greater than the desire to gain. We blackmail ourselves into losing something that sinks its teeth into us upon the loss. So we need a penalty that is so painful that we will be sure to reach our goal. Here are some ideas. If we don’t reach our goal of losing 30 lbs. in 30 days with the weight loss products: — We have to give $1,000 to an opposing political party candidate. Now, if you don’t think that hurts and gets under the skin, your skin is made of armor. So next time that home made ice cream is presented at a birthday party, we’ll say no thanks. If we are at a café with a buffet, the thought of paying $1,000 to an opposing political candidate is enough to keep me away from the buffet. 3 steps to achieve goals is not complete without the 3rd step.

Step #3: Publicly announce Our Goal &Publicly

That’s right. If we keep our goals and penalty a secret, we could cheat. If we don’t keep our goals, we could avoid the penalty If we publicly announce our goals and penalty in front of family, friends and spouses, the challenge is out there, and the game is on. We have people who will hold us accountable. The more we announce our goal and penalty to the world, the harder it will be to not keep it. The more committed we will become to avoid personal embarrassment and the dreaded penalty that will sting like a bee (Muhammad Ali would like, I think). Setting small goals to achieve big ones is simply 3 steps to achieve goals. Keep reaching for your goals and make them easy, painful and public.

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