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The 15 must-have Network Marketing books to build a huge team!

The elephant in the room with this list of Network Marketing Books is the fact that there are more books about personal development/mindset. And so there should be.

This author’s belief is you should find the motivational speaker you love and make the time to listen  to that content regularly. It’s impact of hearing about your potential is huge.

To some degree, the order of these books & audios is essential. Why? Certain skills should be learned or relearned from the foundation up.

Since I many not have the luxury of meeting you one-on-one and assessing what skills you need to work on, the list was prepared for those who have never built a sizeable Network  Marketing business.

At the bottom of this page is some advice about choosing which of these books you need/hear first. For example, if you are not interested in direct marketing, you might not bother with my book (#8), or #9)

Claimer: This author has all of these in his personal library and wrote one. All but two are in audio & book format (#8 is a book . #12 is audio only).

The 8 Core Skills or Prerequisites that you will learn from Network Markting books:

Of these 8 core skills and pre-requisites, 7 are must-have. Only the skills of direct markting are optional (meaning if you intend to recruit only in public, you might not need marketing skills).

This image shows a sample of the 13 must-have Network Marekting books and audios to help your business

Effective Listening

Network Marketing Books (& books that help with success):

1. Mini-Scripts

Rationale: This book contains scripts and introduces both color personalities & by using short or mini-scripts, what the reader is taught fits the latest brain science to a T.This is the cover of a Network Marketing book called "Mini Scripts for the Four Color Personalities"

More Detail:

You ask, Do you like money? After the prospect answers affirmatively, you say, Would you like to have more of it? This is an example of tiny questions or mini-scripts that are highly effective.

Would the example given work for every prespect? Not perfectly, even though the script is perfect.

That is what this book is all about. It shows you what to say to the 4 main character types when you randomly meet people in public. 

2. Ice Breakers

Rationale: the first skill we use when we meet someone is not the Ice Breaker. However, This is the cover of a Network Marketing book called "Ice Breakers"

“For years I recommended Ice Breaker as the first book people should read. I changed that recently because I believe that those who are unaware that there are 4 main personality types need to learn it ASAP.” (~ Smiling Steve).

3. How to get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence & Rapport

Rationale: the first skill we use when we meet someone is not the Ice Breaker, it is establishing rapport.The image is the cover of a Network Marketing book called; "How to get Instant, Trust, Belief, Influecne & Rapport"

More Details:

The reason why I do not offer this book before Ice Breakers is simple. You need to know what to say to people to get them interested in your business. If you don’t, you have no chance to capture the attention of people you meet at parties, etc.

However, when you do not have the benefit of others introducing you at parties, you better know how to establish rapport quickly. If you don’t, the best prospects you may meet all year will be wasted.

Do not skip reading or listening to this.

4. The One-Minute Presentation

Rationale: When you get someone’s attention and in some way mention you can help them make more money, what do you do when they ask, “What is it?” Do you try to send a video? Or is it more natural that you have a trained answer? That is what The One-Minute Presention is: what to say when a prospect asks you a question.This is the cover of a Network Marketing Book called "The One-Minute Presentation"

More Details:

While we can all watch a movie for 2 hours, when we talk in public, especially one-on-one, back-and-forth discussions only last a few minutes.

Storied are naturally told in abbreviated form. Why? Because humans never had much time, even when they were hunter-gatherers.

So why do people try to get others to listen and hold their questions for 20 minutes or half an hour? It is unnatural and unneeded. Enter the hero: The One Minute Presentation.

Do not skip this read/listen!

5. Pre-Closing

Rationale: it is through the latest brain science that we know decisions are made almost instantly on nearly zero information. That’s why we need Pre-Closing!This is the cover of a Network Marketing Book called "Pre-Closing"

More Details:

In the book above (#4), you learn that you can get prospects to make a decision with a one-minute presentation (or two-minute story). But what if most prospects decide even quicker than that? 

If the latest brain science had proven this correct, would you change the way you approached sharing your business? In this book, we find out that prospects often make decisions before the presentation!

There are more Network Marketing books below this next section:

How to chose which Network Marketing books (and other books that help you) to read first based on your own needs!

There are Network Marketing books and books on personal development in this list. How do you figure out what you must read first? These tips should help.

For starters,, there’s one book that should be required reading in school. You no doubt know it and if you have not read it, stop right now. Don’t read any other word. Instead buy How to Win Freinds and Influence People and read it:

Network Marketing Books to help your business & life should include: "How to win friends and influence people!"

After you have read that fabulous book, this is what you may wish to know about this page.

1.  You will notice that there are more personal development books/audios than professional development or skills publications. Why is that? Simple. You cannot achieve all that you deserve if your head is not on straight, and you are unaware of your own potential.

It takes ideas to see that you are worth more. And it is through your own burgeoning belief that you can apply skills and get different results.

I never say much more about personal development than the above and this advice: just do it. Remember what Jim Rohn said, “In the beginning, you might have to work harder on yourself than you do your business (or job)!

2.  You don’t need to learn direct response marketing skills if you intend to recruit in public and work referrals. In other words, as much as I want more people to read my book (#8), it and #9 simply would not be right for you or anyone who is not marketing online!

3.  Anyone reading this who experiences anger or who has given up on their dreams and feels/felt deflated does not start with skills development. I would have anyone in that position read or listen to all 5 of these books first: The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library, The Success Principles, Borrowed Belief, Think and Grow Rich, and The Success System that Never Fails (by the incomparable W. Clement Stone).

4. Concentrate on skills development if you do not have a mindset issue, and you cannot go wrong with reading or listening to the 5 books by Tom Schreiter that are on this web page.

5.  If you have Network Marketing Skills and want to add online or offline direct marketing to your arsenal of capabilities, my book (#8) followed by #9 are the 2 books for you.

I hope this advice helps, and while I have advised you that you may not need all of these books, I believe you must read all of the skills and personal development books. In other words, you are either going to read at 15 or 13. And if you have not read “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” add one more.

By the way, if you want to have a free one-on-one session to discuss how you can make more money in Network Marketing, fill in the form on this page.

If you want to muddle through alone, these books and audio recordings are a great place to start. So are the regular Network Marketing webinars and events we hold most weeks.

Best of luck.

More Network Marketing Books (& success books):

6. The Success System that Never Fails!

Rationale: If all W.Clement Stone accomplished of note in his life was the building of the largest insurance sales force in history, I would have included his lone book (if he only wrote one) in this list. But he also published Success Unlimited magazine, whose editor was none other Og Mandino, and he accomplished so much more!This is the promotional image for the Audiobook version of The Success System that Never Fails

More Detail:

You might think that what you are about to read is tools for lead generation until you discover this book was written in 1962.

Still, you would think that “system” means tools, advertising, or a magical way of getting referrals, but you would be wrong. The key is personal development and every story in this book involves achievements by individuals after they gained a  higher understanding of what they were capable of through absorbing mindest ideas!

7. Think & Grow Rich

Rationale: a masterpiece of how ideas make you rich. If I were deserted on a desert island and could have just five books, this would definitely be one of them!This is the book cover for "The and Grow Rich"

W. Clement Stone believed that his life changed when he read this book when he was just 35 years old. 

The recounting of his life changed through reading one book shows you the value of books, which you can now listen to, and how quickly one’s life can change!

8. The Free Cheese Secret

Rationale: In 1997, I attended a workshop by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter after he told me over the phone that “how you make big money in this business is not the way you might think!” He was right.This is the cover of a book about direct marketing but is still a Network Marketing Book ("The Free Cheese Secret") because the character is a Network Marketing representative

More Details:

Since about 2004, Tom has been writing nothing but Network Marketing communication skills books and has begun converting them into Audibles so people could study while they drove. What most people who have known him since 2005 don’t know is he also taught marketing in the past.

In 2015 I reached out to him and asked if he still had a copy of the course. I explained that in a move I lost my well-fingered, and tattered copy of that manual from 1997. He emailed me back a copy!

In 202 I rewrote the workshop as a book and released it as The Free Cheese Secret. You can download a free copy here.

9. Free: The Future of a Radical Price

Rationale: I did not know about this book when I wrote The Free Cheese Secret. But when I discovered it, I immediately bought it with one of my stored credits in my Audible account. It fits very nicely with my book as if they were meant for each other.

This is gthe book cover for "Free: The Future of a Radical Price"

More Details:

“Free: The Future of a Radical Price” is full of examples that show that giving away free products and services makes so much sense.

If you intend to market anything in your small business, don’t skip reading The Free Cheese Secret and this book, too!

10. Borrowed Belief

Rationale: Discover the transformative power of ‘Borrowed Belief’ to revolutionize both your network marketing career and personal life.This is the audio cover for "Borrowed Belief"

More Details:

“Borrowed Belief – The Secret Ingredient for Living Your Best Life” by Earl Waud is a transformative guide, especially for network marketers seeking both professional and personal growth. The book narrates Adam’s journey from despair to success through the power of borrowed belief, encapsulating key success principles like gratitude, responsibility, and self-belief. This insightful read is more than just motivational; it’s a practical toolkit for anyone in network marketing to overcome limitations and achieve their goals, making it a must-read for those dedicated to rewriting their life stories for the better.

11. 4 Color Personalities for MLM

Rationale: The Mini-Scripts book (#1) is just an intro to personality training, whereas this is the whole enchilada and a must-read!This is the book cover for "The 4 Color Personalities for MLM"

Red personalities hear a one-minute presentation and say, “What’s next?” Sign them up on the spot!

Greens ask question after question after question. You need the right strategy for them (and patience).

Yellows want to know how they can help others. You need to be ready to tell them.

Blues want to know how much fun they can have and how many people they will meet. Again, tell them.

All of these 4 main personality types require a different strategy. If you don’t know how to handle them, your chance of successfully recruiting them is much lower.

12. The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library

Rationale: Jim was responsible for inspiring Tony Robbins and many other trainers.I would have felt odd had I left Jim off this list!This is the cover image of the audio only collection called "The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library"

More Detail:

This product is recordings of Jim sharing his ideas, often at live events. It is therefore only of use to you if you like to listen to personal development material as opposed to reading it.

That said, this collection of great ideas is well worth you using one credit of your monthly Audible subscription.

13. The Success Priciples

Rationale: Jack Canfield created the enormously successful Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise, proving that even one good idea can make your life!This book cover is for Jack Canfield's The Success Principles

More Detail:

This book begins with a Brian Tracey quote: “Life is like a combination lock. Your job is to find the right numbers in the right order so you can have anything you want!”

It follows with a quote by Thomas A. Edison, “If we did everything we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves!”

And the gems just keep on coming. Great read/listen!

14. Build the Life You Want

Rationale: There are two reasons why I included this book: (1) I realized I didn’t have a woman author in the list, which was my bad, and; (2) Because everyone knows Oprah!

This book cover is a book by Oprah Winfre called "Build the Life You Want!"

More Detail:

The subtitle of this book tells you what it is about: “The Art and Science of Getting Happier!”

The reviews are excellent and though I have purchased it, this is the only book in the list I have not read or listened to (yet). I will update this more detail section once I have had that pleasure.

15. Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty

Rationale: This is my all-time favorite relationship-building book that expresses the importance of building a network of people you can rely on!

This book cover is called "Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty"

More Detail:

Harvey tells great stories from his experience with Mohammed Ali to how he found the person to take over the running of his envelope business by expanding the search to Canada. But this book is more than that; the stories make foundational points about the importance of one’s business and personal network.

The book’s subtitle is, “The only networking book you will ever need.” Indeed.

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