The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Learners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Below are some of the free resources available on MLMinar

Live Training Events

This is a picture of Steven Peter Burke who is known online as Smiling Steve. He is also the founder of MLMinar.

Live MLM Webinars (or MLMinars) are hosted weekly by MLM Trainer & former Network Marketing News editor Steven Peter Burke (Smiling Steve). Guest speakers are welcome.

Posts & Articles

A picture of Dale Moreau, a Network Marketing coach, leader, distributor and author

An absolutely mind-blowing 454 Network Marketing Blog Posts by Dale Moreau (all are exclusive to this site). In addition, articles by and live event playbacks are also posted, and guest authors are welcome!

Free Downloads & Tools

Free Download

The Network Marketing Skills PDF is every MLM skill in one place, including a video on each skill, all free (no upsell)!

Guest Speakers


MLM Training Webinars, Interviews & Tips from well-known trainers. For example, we have three recorded sessions with Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter!

Guest Trainers

This is an image with a pencil skeetch of a woman on a greay backgpurnd purposely making her hard to recognize with the capation Could being a trainer with MLMinar be a fantastic opportunity for you?
We are looking for a younger trainer (preferably at least one woman) to join the stable of MLMinar trainers. Could this be the right opportunity for you?

Please use the Contact Form to let us know if you are interested in contributing any type of training (audio, video, or blog).

Guest Podcasters

a Picture of david Felsenthal, known online as The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday

Special Guest appearances by The Rabbi who Got Rich on Sunday, Mr. David Felsenthal


MLMinar is short for MLM Seminar or MLM Webinar—a brand that shares the highest-quality skills and learning that can & will increase your income in Network Marketing, especially if you become a student of the industry & apply what you learn.

MLMinar aims to provide generic training content via fully interactive webinars, and “interactive” refers to the ability of webinar attendees to interact with guests and hosts by asking questions as a live audience!

The danger of choosing to be fully interactive is we expect to encounter a few hecklers and people with agendas. However, the benefit of interacting with inspiring leaders in Network Marketing far outweighs occasions where MLMinar will occasionally need to remove unwanted attendees.

All MLMinars are Business Opportunity Promotion and Recruiting free—or agenda-free—zones. These events are designed to help you get better and, by being better, earn more. Anyone who ruins that by trying to recruit others, bad mouth the hosts or guests, or bash the industry is unwelcome.

We believe protests are acceptable when done in the right setting, and inside a safe zone to help people learn is not the right time or place. Similarly, while recruiting is excellent, it is not great when 

Since our MLMinar Events are dedicated to helping you become better (in more ways than one) and earn more, we will protect the participants’ right to benefit if we are forced to.

To learn more, check out the About MLMinar web page.

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